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EMPTY TITLE: Getting to Know the United Kingdom’s Legal System CONTENT: For a number of people, reading about law or anything that pertains to legal matters can be a bit tiresome or boring. However, having even just some basic knowledge about the law can be empowering. Knowing even a little about your country’s law will give you an idea about what you can or can’t do, what your limitations are, in order to be considered a law-abiding citizen of a country. Where Do UK Laws Come From and Do They Apply to All of the UK? In the United Kingdom, there are laws that apply to the whole UK and then there are those that apply only in one or two of the three countries that comprise the United Kingdom: Northern Ireland, West Scotland and England. These laws are sourced from the common law, from legislation, from the European Convention of Human Rights and from the European Union Law. Getting to Know the UK Laws’ Sources One of the sources of UK laws is legislation. Law is created through legislature. The legislature is a body that is responsible for creating, passing or amending laws. Another source of UK laws is the common law. An example of the common law is the legal system of Wales and England. With common law, the decisions reached by the senior courts of appeal become part of the law. The third source of the United Kingdom’s law is the European Convention of Human Rights. The UK is one of the signatories of this body because it is a member of the European council. With this, the UK is enabled to protect the human rights that are identified by the ECHR. The European Union Law is another source of the UK’s laws. Since the United Kingdom is a member of the European Union, most of the UK’s laws are influenced by the EU. Is There a Classification to the UK Laws? In the UK, public laws are those that govern the state and individual citizens’ relationship. Private laws are those that govern the citizens’ and the private organizations’ relationship. Criminal laws are those that cover contracts, family matters, negligence, land laws and employment. Criminal laws are those that define the boundaries of conduct that are considered acceptable. If you live in the Bristol area and you have suffered an injury, and you want to know more about your legal right to accident claims bristol, or anywhere else in the country, then you may want to visit which has some great information to check out. END