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Stealth Running – Smooth, fast, injury free! No1. Introduction

Problem – Noisy running style

Close up of fore foot strike
AAA Gait Analysis - Forefoot strike

Listening to runners on the treadmill at Moti, as they crash through their gait analysis, the link between injury and heavy impact is not a connection everybody seems to make.

Newton was right:

Newton was right: What goes up must come down. And the higher you go, the faster your body is accelerates downwards towards the planet on landing. This energy needs to be absorbed before making your next stride, and as far as possible recycled into useful forwards movement. If you have a noisy running style, it is a sure sign that energy recycling is not working well. Noise is a waste product you can actually hear!

The amount of sound made on landing, represents the forces you are “feeling” in your; knees, feet, calf muscles and back. While these structures are designed to absorb running forces, they have a limit to what they can take. If you go beyond these limits, it causes what is known as an overuse injury. Common causes are running too far, too fast and too soon.


Good, well fitted running footwear is a great start. But, even the best equipment will not allow the high impact runner to enjoy running without injury indefinitely.

It is my experience that clients, who feel injury pains on running, often immediately feel a reduction of pain and sometimes complete relief by taking some direction on how to run smoother.

(Working this week, with a client weighing over 100kg, who now runs injury free and almost silently we coined the tag “stealth running”, and it seems to have stuck!

At AAA-Physio in Bristol, we have put a programme together to help you back to running ,fast and injury free – Expect 4-6 weekly sessions, depending on initial findings.

Special Offer: Runners’ Screening + Physiotherapy Treatment + 4 follow up sessions for £195 when pain in advance.

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5 Top Tips to Going Gently on the Planet:

1. Run upright

2. Land your front foot almost under you, not out in front

3. Use your arm swing to actively drive your leg motion.(With the elbow at 90deg.)

4. To run faster, increase your cadence not your stride length

5. Aim to feel all the components of your run, aligned with your direction of travel.

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Pupils, teachers, family and friends of St. John’s School, Clifton – Walked and ran to buy mosquito nets for their partner school in Uganda on 21st May, 2011.
The Fingerprints Charity headed up by the energetic Mrs Hills raises money for the children of Kybirwa Primary School in Uganda.

Poster of fingerprint Charity Kids in Uganda
Kids in Uganda will benefit from the fingerprints in Uganda charity.

“For every £5 raised it would buy 1 mosquito net which was big enough for a whole family! I raised £120 which therefore bought 24 mosquito nets!”