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No4. Warm Weather Training – to Restaurant Ramon

Restaurant Ramon in San Javier
Fresh, FRESH!! - An Ocean of Fish, Postres (Deserts), Coffee on a mile of spotless Stainless Steel - That's the early morning breakfast experience at Ramon's

Tostada in the morning! 5km bike ride to Resaurant Ramon

We jumped on the bikes at 6.30 – Just “Dad” and 12 year old CheekyG. An easy flat ride down the coast, to San Javier found us sitting at an ocean of spotless stainless steel – This is the Tapas bar at Ramons!!

The cafe end of the restaurant opened at 7am and we joined the hubub of Spanish locals breakfasting and catching up on the News.

The smoking ban in Spanish public buildings started about 2 years ago and I now love mixing in with the locals and ordering “Tostada con tomate” – Breakfast of toasted baguette, topped with olive oil, fresh pulverised tomato, and a sprinkling of sea salt – also came with freshly squeezed orange and hot chocolate for €2.50 – It made the £3 paper cup at Costa, back home, look really expensive!! Viva Espania…..

Graphic Restaurant Ramon
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See the Taps Bar

Thanks to John and Hannah!

Thanks to the excellent support, advice and remedial work from John and Hannah I found myself lining up, armed with a brand new running style, on the start line of my very first half marathon in Cardiff on October 16th.

2 hours and 8 minutes later I passed the Finish post and thus raised close on £2,000 for the National Autistic Society. A month ago, I very genuinely doubted whether I would be able to take part but some expert help, a willingness to deploy new techniques and a big dose of PMA saw me home.

Thanks John and Hannah – you were great!!!

01. Synchronicity and developing your Intuition in Bristol

As John helps us get our bodies back into sync and alignment, we might also consider how is it that we can create more flow and effortless action in our wider life?

This Saturday, 22nd October in central Bristol there is an event to explore how Intuition, Intention & Synchronicity work together in our life to create positive change and flow.

As I’ve been working in the area of intuitive development I’ve become fascinated by and aware of how ‘coincidence’ plays a huge role in our lives.  Meeting the right person at the right time,  just what you have been looking for showing up,  little messages that appear to travel across the ether to us.

Einstein  said, “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

Indeed, we assume that unless we can analyze and be logical about something it’s not real…what if the intuitive approach, signs & synchronicities is as much underpinned by science & perennial philosophy as it is magical?

Here’s a  youtube video  I created on Intuition, Intention & Synchronicity to explore these key aspects of living.Intuition, Intention & Synchronicity by Clare Russell

And if you feel inspired, come along to the event this Saturday – its a special preview of the workshop before I run it in London with Alternatives (one of largest mind body spirit events organizers in the UK) later in the year.

Details for the event: 1 day workshop: Intuition, Intention & Synchronicity, 22nd October 10.30am-5.30pm, Pierian Centre, Central Bristol. £55.  To book visit or call Clare on 07966 253111

Dancing Freely Again – 5

Subject line now a misnomer, since I haven’t been dancing at all for more than a fortnight.

John referred me for an MRI scan in Cheltenham – marvellous how quickly and efficiently things happen as soon as you go private. Walked out clutching a CD of my scan images (a level of trust in patients only previously experienced in Australia!) and now waiting for the radiologist’s report. Mind you, having now got the hang of not twisting it most of the time, it’s v much taking second place to…

Not good at all. I’ve not been able to do my physio exercises much, not having access to anywhere to do a ‘pull-down’ most of the time, even prone. Living and working in shared spaces has its downside. And, a month on, it’s extremely painful. Using my computer as little as possible & then left-handed – main source of income (a very delayed website) now on hold – unable to get enough sleep, even with painkillers, meaning that persistent chest infection & head cold not clearing up. Hmmm…

Contemplating the advantages of reincarnating as an amoeba. Or robbing a bank and checking in to a health farm for a few weeks… is there rehab for those of us addicted to injuries…?! Hoping to see John this week and maybe set this mess on a better trajectory…