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Nerve irritation in the Lower back due to poor store stability

Fifth session, last post Jan 11th, 2012

I saw John for the 5th time in early January. In this Physio session John put me on a treadmill and assessed how I was running. He noticed that although I’ve only complained of right leg pain I hold my right arm still, suggesting that my whole body isn’t moving fluidly together. We discussed how I should be moving – whilst running both my arms and legs should move together and I should be standing straight and tall. John then turned up the speed of the running machine – I responded to this by lengthening my stride which has always seemed logical. This however causes instability and we looked at how my posture fell apart. Instead, to run faster I should be moving my arms quicker and taking shorter steps. When I tried this I found that not only was more comfortable, but the noise as my feet hit the treadmill was dramatically reduced. Suggesting that this movement is stronger and I’m loosing less energy.

I’ve been taking Pilates classes for the last month and feeling significantly stronger in my stomach area. My spine seems more flexible and I have more shoulder and neck movement. My lessons are good, but I’ve definitely got more out of them after having one on one physio session with John. We’ve been able to hone in on my body – the way I am moving and focus on my personal weaknesses. I’ve been able to use this increased awareness in the Pilates lessons.

I’m going through a process of becoming more conscious and responsive to my body’s movement. In my running and general exercise I’ve tried to remain mentally engaged and not to overdo it to the point where I lose concentration and focus. I’ve been trying to take things slowly and focusing on the quality of movement. So far I feel I am moving better and feel much stronger.

For homework, along with regular exercise, I’ve been doing basic Pilates exercises daily “the hundred” and “leg circles” and adding other exercises as I come to them in my lessons.