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No1 – Marathon prep 2012 – Fixing my knee pain

runner on treadmill 12km
Running Analysis prior to Marathon Training

Getting my Marathon training right in 2012!
I saw John at Moti for my 2nd physio appointment on 02/01/12 at MOTI. I first visited him before Christmas regarding an annoying pain in my right knee that I was worried might develop in to runners knee which I have had previously a few years back. My aim this year is to get a marathon pb (sub 3:40) at London. Last year I got struck down by sciatica mid way through my training and so did not make it to the start line. I decided to visit a physio to try and combat some of the reoccurring injuries I have kept getting on the right side of my body. I have been a regular visitor of Moti clinic for sports massage over the last year so decided to book a physio appointment with John through them.

Assessment with Physio
At my first two appointments with John he spent time going through my history of injuries, my performance in running and assessing my injury. In terms of toe to floor contact my right foot only scored 1/5 whereas as my left foot score 3/5. The general extension and abduction of right leg was also very poor.

Physio Treatment
John used various mobilization and manipulation techniques to increase my range of movement. I was surprised to see how just how much this improved my range of movement. After this treatment my right foot score had improved to 3/5.  At the end of the second visit a video analysis of my running style was carried out. Looking at the video above you can see how I rotate rightwards as I run. It almost looks as if I am dancing rather than running! Running like this instead of in a smooth forwards movement means I am wasting a lot of unnecessary energy. This is something we will be working at future appointments with the hope of clipping of some time from race performances.

The Plan!
In the meantime I will try and work on keeping an upright posture and driving my arms back while I am running. I will also continue doing core exercises and opting for more exercises that are in an upright position (like running) which John told me research is starting to show is more effective.