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1. Route to running & skiing well – Learning to Run with AAA-Physio John S – Updated

running school booking in Bristol
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I started running only about a year ago and managed to complete the Bristol 10k last May but have had various injuries as a result of my running ‘technique’.  “Learn to Run with AAA” seems like the perfect opportunity to improve my technique and prevent injury; hopefully it will help me when I go skiing next month for the first time too!

We met at Rubicon at 6.30pm, started with a general chat and some technical chat (who knew there was so much to putting one foot in front of the other?!) before heading out about half an hour later for some practice.  I hadn’t realised but I was running with completely the wrong posture and not really using my arms.  My take home points were to use my arms with a bigger back swing, to correct my posture before starting off and stopping to correct myself if I went back to where my body found comfortable.

I went for a run on Boxing Day and definitely felt an improvement – it took much longer to get tired and I could feel that my running was smoother.  I have had some twinges in muscles that I didn’t know were needed for running so we’ll have to see how that goes in the future!

wk 1. The Trail to 10km PB – Meeting AAA Physio

Right leg cross-over problems
Right leg cross-over problems

Right Knee Patella Tracking Problems
“Learn to Run” with AAA-Physio tomorrow

I first met John on 19th Dec at his clinic in Moti, I went to see him because I have pain in my right knee which causing me pain during running.  John got me doing various stability exercises then various movements to test my flexibility and strength in both legs.  This assessment showed that my left leg was very flexible, whilst my right leg was tight in the hip, IT band and also lower back and weak in the glutes.  John suspected that this was causing the pain in my right knee.  John then videoed me running on the treadmill, which was fascinating to watch and illustrates exactly what he was saying in his assessment….you can see the video in this post.

The video (to a trained eye) shows my left leg is working at full capacity whilst my right leg is not because my right hip tilts forward making my right leg come across my body and this is making me loose power when striking the ground and taking off.  John said that the pain in my knee is not permanent…John’s plan is the strengthen my right leg, glutes, IT band and hip flexors through physio and showing my how the run more effectively..I will use his running workshop and physio to do this….I feel that with his treatment, advice and strengthening exercises I can move towards my goals…sub 20mins 5K and sub 40mins 10k.

Follow up on Lumbar Nerve Irritation – Updated

I saw John a while ago in the spring with a really sore upper back – due to my posture whilst working and using a rucksac with a road bike. John helped stretch me out by moving gently rotating my shoulders. It was amazing how the range of motion increased during the session. He also suggested that I should do more cardio work so that my rib-cage massaged my spine. Since this was caused by my everyday habits it’s difficult to fix with exercises and I need to work on how I’m using my body in day-to-day activities.

I felt much more comfortable afterwards, and made efforts to try and engage my mind to ensure my core continues to work all the time. So far this is going ok, but its something I have to be aware of and I noticeably deteriorate when I havn’t been keeping up with my exercises. I’m also finding when I overdo aerobic exercise (running or cycling) I do feel a little uncomfortable afterwards.

I was previously seeing John for a knee pain caused by lumber nerve irritation due to a core muscle weakness. I’ve been doing Pilates lessons for about a year which has given me a much better appreciation of how my body is working and how all the muscles in the core area engage. I feel it’s “woken up” my stomach area. I’ve also found John’s online information really useful with some good advice and exercises to try. I’m trying to be careful about how much exercise I do – little and often, so that the right muscle groups are worked out and I don’t fall back in bad habits which happens when I’m tired. I’m currently working towards running the Bristol half Marathon at the end of this month. So far it’s going ok and I’m feeling hopeful that I will finish the half marathon comfortably.