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13 mile training run (keynsham => clifton)

Edinburgh half in 2 weeks! just went for distance today. 1hr 42mins bath joined at keynsham) to bristol cycle track => anchor road and then constitution hill which was v tough!

Felt good apart from a bit of aching in glutes which i think is a combination of wednesday 10mile run and new technique of running john is getting me doing (chin down, elbows straight forward and behind and shorter/quicker strides on hill).

The glutes are finally doing some work!

Sounds like you and your Gluts are getting the new technique messages – LOUD and clear. PHYSIOJOHN – Good luck with Edinburgh!! J


Bristol 10k target achieved! :-) = 42mins 24 secs

Through 5 sessions with john i have gone from no training (calf and hip strain) to getting a pb at the bristol 10k.
Things that helped to remember through training:
  • keep sitting position at work up right and computer eye level = no stiff kneck or back =less stiffness in legs
  • when running elbows straight behind and forwards NOT across. This helps top half to be stable and not rotate= no bad lower back strain and hip pain
  • do bridge stretch to get glutes firing:  share the effort between quads and glutes ( this is helping my power alot)
  • faster feet going up and down hill = easier and less strain on body as impact on ground is lower

45mins last year and 42 mins this year…. next 10k target sub 40mins!

Edinburgh half at the end of may!

10Km in Sub 42′

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Runner video good technique on hill
Video good run technique on hill

hill_run_smooth <== Click for video

ONE LEG – Rowing
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