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Major ankle sprain #3 – Physio Homework week 2

So this week I haven’t been able to make it to the gym as frequently as I’d have liked- a grand total of twice! It was a busy weekend and the summer evenings have lead themsleves to social events that have taken me away from the treadmill!

However, I have taken John’s advice and am now walking to work in my trainers! Never thought I would be that person! Head held high, conscious of my posture and sporting sensible walking shoes. I haven’t quite got as far as buying a lightweight backpack yet but I have emptied my work bag of unnecessary books and now its MUCH lighter! I have used the walk up and down St Michael’s hill as a huge part of my therapy this week and doing the neural flossing on the floor at home- much to my boyfriend’s bemusement! I hope its enough!

Ankle-wise no swelling or recurrence of pain. The early morning stretch is still an issue but seems to be only in that first instance. Thursday- the day after physio my ankle was a little dodgy but I guess that was to be expected. And no balloon-fest style hill walking this weekend to cause troubles like last week! Lets hope I’ve done enough this week to see a bit of improvement!

Really hope that soon John will say I am strong enough to return to exercise classes as the four walls of the gym are making me stir crazy and aren’t helping my attendance records!

Athletics and Triathlon – Physio #2 800m Champs Winner

Both myself and my daughter have had physio from John.

My daughter runs 800m track athletics and following an injury to her ankle just before the SouthWest Championships visited John before the finals at Millfield, which following a couple of sessions with John she managed to win, we will be visiting John again soon to work on some technique training before next season. She is currently running cross country for Westbury Harriers and finished 3rd in Avon at the Tri Counties Championship

J. Reed

Athletics and Triathlon – Physio #1

Having visited John with a right knee problem prior to the Portishead Traithlon, I have with his help managed to complete 3 events without any further issue. John worked on my running technique and my back to great effect.I picked up a pain in my left knee a few weeks back following a hard track interval session, having rested for a week I then aggravated it again this Tue and decided to visited John on Thursday. Later Thursday I was able to run 10k without any knee pain, which I could not believe and have had no issue with today.

J. Reed

Major ankle sprain #2 – Physio Homework- week 1

So, being the good patient I am- I have been doing my moderate cardio activity with intermittent neural flossing! (whatever that may be!). So far this week I’ve been to the gym twice and based my cardio activity sat down, keeping an eye on my posture. The neural flossing exercises have been OK and aren’t painful or anything. I seem to be able to last longer on the cardio machines so maybe it is doing something!! At work I’ve been really conscious of my poor posture. I stoop, stand on one leg, cross my legs, and my ergonomics are enough to cause a physio to collapse! Definitely a work in progress! There’s been no serious swelling of my ankle but still very painful in the morning! I’ll keep doing as John said and see the results on Wednesday!!!

Major ankle sprain #1 – Physio Assessment

I sprained my ankle on 7th June running down hill in long grass. I don’t know why but it just went over – There was a horrible “pop”. Within minutes it looked like this:

Accident and emergency did an X-Ray and said soft tissue injury ONLY- an orthopaedic specialist agreed. Thank God as in 10 days time I was due to fly for a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Hong Kong and there was nothing that was going to stop me going!!

So the “Rest Ice Compression Elevation” thing was a little ignored and now 9 weeks later…. still swelling, feels unstable and painful at times.
Standing at work is making things so much worse- I’ve even had to wear TED stockings!

I can’t do Yoga-child’s pose, kneeling, plank, I can’t run- especially not uphill and I’m scared to do much incase it “goes” again! Sleeping at night is a nightmare, I stretch my ankle in my sleep and wake up in soo much pain!

Physio John Stephenson assessed and said ankle inversion injury plus reduced neural mobility. (Ref BUTLER, D)

PHYSIO Prescription
Moderate cardio work seated and Neural flossing.