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Major ankle sprain #4 – Physio Homework week 3

So three weeks in and homework this week is to go away for a few weeks and come back running!!! Hmmmm ambitious but I really hope it works.

I’ve been at the gym the past couple of weeks doing the neural flossing, dynamic sitting one-legged rowing, (I’m sure this must be an inside joke to entertain the staff monitoring the CCTV!), walking on the treadmill with head held high. I’ve also tried the dynamic sitting at work and even now as I type this I’ve got my ergonomics down to a fine art!!

Admittedly, the trainers-to-work thing hasn’t been too successful- summer dress and trainer combo a definite no-no but as the days turn colder and the trousers come out of the wardrobe they can be more acceptably paired with those white sensible sports shoes! And the backpack has not purchased itself just yet!

However, I have just signed up for an 85km charity Himalayan mountain trek next Sept (Back on Track:Stroke Rehab Service- brilliant cause) so I really need this ankle to heal more than ever.

We’ve had a couple of set backs with the shoes- an ambitious night out in wedges was closely followed by a day of pain, and the hot pink stillettos made a showing at a wedding which definitely did not do the ankle much good.

I’ve not done much of the sideways football-style running infront of the mirror at the gym-Cringe! Would look like a total idiot, but I guess I should do some now in the remaining time before John wants to see me running around the carpark! With front crawl swimming the kicking is also still a no-go but I hope it continues to improve with time!

Sooo….Wednesday 11th Sept, D-day, will I run?! (and not fall!!!??)