Monthly Archives: October 2013

Major ankle sprain #5 – Final Hurdle

So last session John gave me a month to go away and come back running! Not the biggest fan of running, especially since the fall, but after the last physio session in the gym I was glad to know I could do it (if I wanted to!). I’m running much better on the treadmill now, increasing my speed from 8 to 10 km/h. I also hope that my technique has improved. I’m not a quiet, agile gazelle and I still can’t run for longer than 10-15 minutes but that’s nothing new!!

I’ve finally made it back to classes, and keeping up with the group. Apart from the occasional twinge from the ankle I’m pretty much back to full health. The fall was a big one and I did a good job of destroying the ligaments in my ankle so it’ll never really be completely the same, but I’m certainly pleased with the level of restored function.

Let’s hope John agrees at my last physio session on 9th Oct, 4 months since the fall!