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Ankle pain rehab for Bath half marathon #1

So, nigh on a month ago, I ran just a little too hard up Park Street, and that slight twitch in my left ankle, became a ‘No. No I will not walk (let alone run) anymore’. I was thankful it had come near Christmas as I’d actually have some time to rest… but 2 weeks of difficulty walking (and I love to walk), and I was persuaded a visit to the GP was in order… She confirmed it was muscular and rest and gradually building it up was for the best… Two weeks after that, and my 12km peaks have dwindled to 5km if I’m lucky – before the pain reminds me that perhaps I’m starting too soon again.

So time to seek out a professional. A specialist in the running-injury-field. A (deep-breath) physiotherapist.

I must admit I was impressed. Within 10 minutes it had been discovered that irrespective of the regular running and years of yoga, one leg is stronger than the other. This, it has became apparent, is because my right leg is more flexible and thus my left-leg has to do a unique curve-and-twist to keep up… therefore making my ankle exposed to falling at an unusual angle and ultimately weakening it. Oh the vulnerabilities of the body.

Thankfully I’m told that while there are two elements to the problem, they can both be quite comfortably overcome.
Firstly I was educated that while an injury may appear in one area e.g. my ankle, actually the whole body is connected by nerves, and thus its cause may be somewhere else entirely… For me it seems that part of my spine had less give in it (all that hunched over revision I’m told!), however within half an hour and a few twists and loud cracks of the body later, and that seemed to have been de-scrunched!
The second part is slightly harder, because of the lack of give on my left side, John tells me my brain has developed new paths to overcome this – enabling me to run normally etc, however these have become part of the problem because they then expose my ankle to injury, therefore I need to retrain my body and the neural pathways. Apparently this will involve conscious walking and quiet running…. We’ll see how that goes next week!

Until then it’s neural flossing, Pilates rolling onto shoulders and core stability running arms – lets see how this goes!

Rehab the body – not the injury!

Picture showing - London Marathon Finishers Medal 2013
London Marathon Finishers Medal 2013

Speaking at the recent Physiotherapists in Sports conference, former Olympic USA coach Vern Gambetta called on delegates to consider the whole body and the brain when treating patients. ‘If it hurts, we look for where it hurts, and we rehab the hell out of that, and leave the rest of it,’ he said.

‘You can see a lot by watching’ – Gambetta said, ‘We miss what we don’t see. Sometimes it’s as simple as watching someone from all sides.’

This approach resonates and underpins everything we do in the AAA-Physio clinic at Moti – Which is why we get great results!
So if your are stuck in a loop of; injury – rest – re-injury and can’t see a way out. Book some expert help from the Therapy Team at Moti

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