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Today at physio I got straightened out…

The background: last year I got a stress fracture in my left foot: absolutely no fun at all, and quite possibly the most painful thing ever to have happened.  While it was on the mend I came to see John at Moti who diagnosed all the bits of me that weren’t working as they should, by which I mean a foot which didn’t land correctly, a stiff hip, stiff shoulder etc etc. After much manipulation and spine-popping I was back on the road to running.

This year, I’m aiming to get myself back up to running 5 miles in 45 mins (or less). I was running for about 30 mins fairly regularly when a couple of weeks ago, my right calf muscle suddenly went pop. Or snap. Or some other not very scientific diagnosis.  So I went back to see John.

The upshot is, after years of sitting at a desk, typing away, (and, weirdly, cycling slightly lopsided as well) I’ve turned into a bit of a spiral (I blame the spinning chair) with very tight neck muscles and hip muscles and so on – all down my right hand side.

So – I’ve been manipulated and spine-popped once more and already I feel freer and more likely to be able to hit my target time/distance by the end of May. Nothing like having a target to aim for.

Going for a run feels like a bit of a leap of faith when I have the spectre of pulled calf muscles hanging over me, but later this week I will be giving my new-found realignment a test run on the downs.

Watch this space…
I’ll be watching with interest – PhysioJohn