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Posture and stability training for teenagers

These drills from The Running School (R) , have great potential for improving the trunk and lower limb strength and stability in a range of age groups.

I can see this style of exercise being particulary effective and engaging for teenagers. JS Physio MSc

Bristol Physio John Stephenson has been providing movement retraining courses for Health Professionals & Physiotherapists since 1999. He also works on a 1:1 basis with private clients wishing to improve their low back stability and running efficiency. Or for a more gentle introduction, ask about the Walk:BacK & Row:BacK programmes!
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Shoulders benefit from hands-on physiotherapy

Musculoskeletal –

Physiotherapy News: 25 September 2014

Shoulders benefit from hands-on physiotherapy
Steroid injections and manual therapy are equally effective in relieving shoulder pain, say researchers who compared these two common treatments.

But patients who had an injection went back to their doctor more often than those who had had physiotherapy.

Daniel I. Rhon, of Brooke Army Medical Center in Texas, and colleagues studied 104 adults of working age. All had been diagnosed with shoulder impingement syndrome, which covers a number of common injuries causing shoulder pain.

The volunteers were randomly selected to receive either a single steroid injection or a course of manual physiotherapy.All were also given exercises to do at home. The injection group had the option of up to two further injections during the following year, if necessary. The physiotherapy group received six half-hour sessions over a period of three weeks.

Both groups enjoyed a significant improvement in their pain and disability, both after treatment and during the following year.   But by the end of the year, 60 per cent of the injection group had gone back for more treatment, compared with 37 per cent of those who had manual physiotherapy. Rhon DI et al. One-Year Outcome of Subacromial Corticosteroid Injection Compared With Manual Physical Therapy for the Management of the Unilateral Shoulder Impingement Syndrome: A Pragmatic Randomized Trial. Annals of Internal Medicine 2014.

Student Discount Physio

Tins of beans for dinner, studying and recycled toilet paper. Its tough being a student, so we thought we’d make life that little bit easier….

Bring along your student card and receive your physio treatment for as little as £33*.

Book online 24/7 or drop-in in person to the AAA-Physio Clinic @ Moti Running Store, 49 Whiteladies Road (Near The BBC)

*T&C’s apply – Pre-booking & payment essential.
£33 is the price for a 30 minute follow up appointment

How to keep up with the kids and defeat ageing #1


Runner good technique on hill
Keep on running

Problem – I think I do a good level of exercise, 3-4 hours a week, often including 10-15 miles (running) off-road, I also do circuits at least once a week, in the hope that it will keep the body in shape, and that I can keep up with the kids and defeat ageing, while enjoying the countryside west of Bristol.

However, every couple of years the body rebels and all sorts of random parts of the body rebel. Back – Knees – Ankle – Neck

Treatment – ring John @AAA-Physio and get myself booked in. Somehow he identifies which bits of my back are the root cause and tells me I don’t sit properly at my desk. He also finds aches I didn’t know I had. A few crunches and 24 hours of thinking not much has changed… ..the old body is revived!

1) I really should stretch more often & use free the exercise sheets on John’s website
2) I shouldn’t wait till my backs ceases up or a muscle locks up before seeing John
3) Chasing balls is for dogs and not middle aged men!

Black Cocker Spaniel
Ideal Ball chaser – Spaniel not Human.

Pre-Iron man injury

Having done a long distance run in training for my Iron distance I managed to injure my foot. I have been unable to weight bear for the last 6 days.

Triathlete Helen Jenkins running 2013
Triathlete Helen Jenkins 2013 – Also suffred from overuse injuries prior to the Olympics 2012 & had to pull out of the Commonwelath Games in 2014.

Interestingly instead of being due to the camber in the road it was due to a total misalignment of my left side. I have a tight ITB, and weak glut medius. This combination makes me rotate my entire pelvis, valgus knee position which results in me placing all my weight and pressure on my lateral 1-2 toes….. And injuring my self!

The plan this week is to do lots of swimming to allow my foot to heal, with core stability working on my gluts, stretch my piriformis muscle and ITB and try and run in line! Not much hey! Let’s see what happens……

Don’t take Life sitting down!

Workouts are no antidote to death dy desk job!

Man sitting in a chair with the clock ticking. Exercise is no antidote
Excessive sitting can take upto 5 years of your life

In a study, a team at the University of Queensland, Brisbane, analysed data on the television viewing habits of 8800 Australians. They calculated that each hour of television slices 22 minutes off the average life expectancy of an adult over 25. In other words, people who watch 6 hours of television a day can expect to die, on average, about five years younger than those who don’t watch any. Continue reading