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#3::Keeping up with the kids

If you can’t beat them – change the rules. What is the point of being a parent otherwise?  Multi tasking and remembering all those different aspects of rebuilding my running was proving difficult for a middle aged man, so I have changed the rules and we are skiing instead. All that investment in weight means the dice are loaded in my favour and I can beat the not so little darlings down the French slopes if not running round the Downs of BS8.

What the kids don’t know is that being on holiday and not able to do all those jobs around the house means I have the time to spend an hour each evening doing all the exercises John has given me.


The video from the last post is very useful…..


Although me rolling around on the floor does cause amusement. Luckily nobody has seen me rolling back on the bed vertebrae by vertebrae and then pulling myself up again with arm swings and and twists, with occasional kicks, as that really would give those kids much mirth.

As well as trying to find and exercise all those core muscles that should be keeping my hips steady, I am also trying to remember to head my mothers advice and stand tall, using all my lungs, shoulders back and head balanced on the top of my spine.


Running style changes

SO my last meeting John focussed on my running style. Apparently I’m getting ti all wrong…and it is putting strain on my knee! Who would have thought it?! So I’ve been trying to adapt my style (as well as all the other adaptations…engaging core, stretching glutes etc!). But I’ve been feeling a bit down lately s my knee is still giving me some jip. I think it might be because ti is so cold and as I wear shorts at school perhaps the joint is exposed and doesn’t like it. I’ve got an appointment with John later so I’ll put it to him and see what he thinks….

Hi – Your’re ready to BLOG

Hi – Your’re ready to BLOG

1/ Please change your password to something more memorable to yourself.

2/ This interface works just like Word you can cut and paste form else where. Upload photos and when you get more adventurous video clips and teaching materials.

3/ To help others find you posts they are tagged with keywords and sluggs

4/ Title – its good to write a series which staying in order. E.g:
Ankle Pain No.01 – Week 1 – See the Physio
Ankle Pain No.02 – Week 2 – Rehab Advice
Ankle Pain No.03 – Week 3 – Getting better!!
Ankle Pain No.04 – Week 4 – Race Day  Smashed it!!!!!  🙂


Student Discount Physio in Bristol – £33

Discount Physio for Students in Bristol
Discount Physio for Students in Bristol

Student Discount Physio in Bristol

Tins of beans for dinner, studying and recycled toilet paper. Its tough being a student, so we thought we’d make life that little bit easier….

Bring along your student card and receive your physio treatment for as little as £33*.

Book online 24/7 or drop-in in person to the AAA-Physio Clinic @ Moti Running Store, 49 Whiteladies Road (Near The BBC)

*T&C’s apply – Pre-booking & payment essential.
£33 is the price for a 30 minute follow up appointment

Screen shot of the AAA-Physio booking using our online diary
Simple booking using our online diary

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