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Sitting down, ‘you should be aiming for a “neutral spine” – Dr Dylan Morrissey

When sitting down, ‘you should be aiming for a “neutral spine”, where an upright position feels easy, not forced,’ according to Dr Dylan Morrissey, consultant physiotherapist at Barts Health NHS Trust.

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With a 3 day gym pass, I managed to do swimming, body combat, body pump, body balance and yoga. An amazing improvement since struggling to walk up and down stairs.

First we had a look at my split squat and my stability has also made massive improvements.  Things are so well that it is finally time to return to running, what initially exasperated my knee pain:

We took a  video of a ‘Gaby Run’ and lots of bad form: a heel strike, moving my whole upper torse in a circular movement as oppose to just my arms and a dropping in my left hip. In general, I was bouncing about everywhere and making a loud sound about it.

A few running techniques:
As oppose to a heel strike think about placing body weight on the wide bit of the foot.
One way to practice this is to squat, while placing my body weight on the wide part of feet. Then stand up into a Skee jumpers positions. Try bending the knees on the spot in a running movement without moving hips or upper body, using just my arms to swing back. With a slight lean forward as if falling begin actually running.

My homework is to practice this exercise every couples lamp-posts.