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Dear AAA Clients

As part of our commitment to the high professional standards set by HPC, our governing body, we collect feedback on our effectiveness.

“We aim to deliver measurable changes to your physical well being and performance.” – J.S. 2010

If you would like to let us know how we did, please write your comments below………………

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John Stephenson MSc MMACP MCSP SRP The original founder of back in 1996, John continues to work in Bristol as a clinician specialising in back, neck and lower limb injury. He also has a special interest in movement analysis, performance, dance, sports injury, ergonomics, WRULD and RSI.. He is now based in Bristol, UK, and is available there for consultations t: 0800 015 0005.

3 thoughts on “AAA-Physio: Running client Testimonials & Feedback

  1. Jon Millington says:

    July 4, 2011 at 19:28
    CLIENT FEEDBACK : Jon Millington – Air Force Tornado Navigator
    I recently completed a course of treatment with John for a persistent lower back and hip problem. I had been suffering with the problem for approx 12 months and had resigned myself to it being a permanent and chronic pain that I would just have to learn to live with. However, over a period of 4 sessions John diagnosed the cause and applied a course of treatment that completely eliminated the pain and persistent ache.

    Overall, an extremely superb service and I would highly recommend anyone suffering similar problems to arrange a consultation with John at the earliest opportunity.

    – Jon Millington

  2. John Milkins says:

    All ok John, had to return to Isle of Man ( work) have re-booked when back in Bristol.

  3. Richard Bettridge says:

    John has successfully treated me for various running injuries and postural pains for the past seven years. John is a trusted expert in his field, who through physical manipulation and more subtle stretching exercises, with an emphasis of educating the patient, has always delivered a highly recommended professional service.

    Richard Bettridge – Accountant
    October 2015

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