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Back to running after two years of knee injury #01

Rebuilding my running

runner practicing elbow drive
Elbow Drive Practice

I was recommended a visit to John by a colleague after living with a knee injury for the past 2 years. John and I are currently working towards getting me back running which is something I have really missed since my injury. In my first 3 sessions, John has taken a really holistic approach to my injury and has identified different links and factors that haven’t been highlighted to me before, but which make a lot of sense. Now we are working on the way I sit and stand in normal life (which leaves a lot to be desired especially as my job is largely desk based) as a starting point to work towards running. I’m not having to do loads of exercises every day but rather I am trying to think about and be aware of how I’m holding myself (or try not to think too much as this seems to be the problem!) and to re-programme old habits. I have booked a 10k race in October so this is what we are working towards, fingers crossed!


Photo showing: Testing off road shoes with AAA-Physio @ Moti BS8. 14kmph : foot contact slightly ahead of body centre of gravity
Testing off road shoes with AAA-Physio @ Moti BS8. 14kmph : foot contact slightly ahead of body centre of gravity

Top of right glute painful, John has identified that my right foot veers left just at the end of my stride, meaning my hip twists probably causing the pain. It’s only in the last month.

Question is what causes it; shoes, stance or what?
1. New tyres – popped in to Moti and the attentive chaps spent 45 mins sorting that in line with John’s instructions. Very different but comfy, hope an old foot injury in my foot isn’t aggravated as it always casts a shadow over new shoes.
2. Posture – while standing – ‘peering over cliff’, this is the one I’ve been concentrating on, feet, knees, pelvis and head, oh and chest and shoulders if a man can concentrate on more than 4 things at once! While sitting – pelvis, shoulders and head (superman eyes)
3. Running style – shorter stride landing on ball of foot not so heavily on heel, pelvis, elbows (pushing back and not too far forward), and the head, again. Needs working on at the next session.
I really should stretch more.
Been running and out on MTB, neither very good. Torn between resting and pain of getting fit again once John has worked his magic vs glute and back pain of continuing exercise.

Why no magic button John can crunch?

13 mile training run (keynsham => clifton)

Edinburgh half in 2 weeks! just went for distance today. 1hr 42mins bath joined at keynsham) to bristol cycle track => anchor road and then constitution hill which was v tough!

Felt good apart from a bit of aching in glutes which i think is a combination of wednesday 10mile run and new technique of running john is getting me doing (chin down, elbows straight forward and behind and shorter/quicker strides on hill).

The glutes are finally doing some work!

Sounds like you and your Gluts are getting the new technique messages – LOUD and clear. PHYSIOJOHN – Good luck with Edinburgh!! J


10Km in Sub 42′

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Physio John will post the pictures of your running here
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Runner video good technique on hill
Video good run technique on hill

hill_run_smooth <== Click for video

ONE LEG – Rowing
coming soon!

Pain in my Lower Leg#3

John has continued to show me exersises i can do to fit around my work to help strengthen my leg but he has also carefully analysed my running technique. When he studied my running on a treadmill he showed me how much my left leg was heal striking which is whats causing my injury pain. He then showed me that this was all because of the distance my legs were landing in front of me, I am now pleased to say that through his guidance and this smaller stride technique the pain in my left leg does not feel as bad as it has during previous runs. Like all new things this will take me time to adjust to.

Learn to Run with AAA – “A more effective and quieter run, with much less energy wastage”.

With a few duathlons and road runs under my belt, I am inspired to step up the training and start planning 2012 competions.

However, after doing  a period of faster runs, I found I was having calf and back pain. Quite frustrating when you really want to do something and your creaky old body is letting you down.

I hadn’t previously given much thought to my running technique, but after seeking some physio treatment from John, I was shown that my weakness in core strength and incorrect arm swinging was causing my pelvis to rotate, my hip to drop, putting a considerable stress on my back.

Diagram showing hip drop
Hip drop - a very common and fixable running problem!

I found John’s running workshop a fantastic learning curve. The exercises were so effective and the results were seen and felt straight away.  A more effective and quieter run, with much less energy wastage. The techniques may  take some practicing before they become as natural to me as my old bad habits  were, but I’m on the case!

John is extremely knowledgeable and makes thing easy to understand , with clear explanations on how and why things work/ don’t work.

I would definitely recommend “Learning to Run with AAA”.(From

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Learn to Run with AAA-Physio
Learn to Run with AAA-Physio
Learn to Run @ AAA-Physio::Running – FREE* Until 31st Jan 2012

15 years behind a treadmill, as a Sports Physio, and working to get Runners back “Track” – I’ve finally resolved to try and provide a RESOURCE that in theory could keep runners out of Physiotherapy Clinics!!

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