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London Marathon- Completed!!

I finally done it! I completed the London Marathon 2013 and I have to admit, i felt so proud and rough after crossing the finish line 6 hours 50 seconds later! (eek)

As expected, the atmosphere was awesome, so overwhelming! The crowds were handing out sweets all the way and i even saw someone handing out cheese sandwiches after mile 20… i was tempted!  St Johns Ambulance were everywhere offering help if needed and vaseline too, i even saw a fire engine and the firemen spraying their hose at all the runners!

I saw some pretty cool outfits too, batman, superman, cinderella and ginerbread man to name a few. A for effort for them! It was a sunny day!!

I was surprised to learn that i managed to jog all the way to just past mile 19 and i think i hit ‘The Wall’ then… i felt slightly nauseaus, wasn’t sure if it was hunger? My legs and feet were burning and i still had another 7 miles to go which was dreadful to think about. Saw my friend between 19 and 20 and they handed me a breakfast bar to boost energy levels! Felt a bit better after but still felt quite weak…

I took out my earphones to try get some motivation from the crowds and it helped alot but i found at times i would be the only one jogging and alot of people around me were still walking which was really de-motivating!

At this point (mile 20) the miles seemed to be getting longer and longer… all i was thinking about was finishing the race and going back to bed…!!


………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….        ….                  …….                    ….

…              …             ….800 metres to go!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a relief… the running club i usually attend every week in little stoke has a 400m track… i just thought to myself, yes i can do this, it’s only twice around the track!! my feet were really HEAVY…. it felt like i had bags of sand in my socks, my back was aching, my hands felt a bit sticky, my stomach was tense…. gosh.

…………………..400m to go!!

close to crawling, the longest 400m i’ve ever felt, i was in view of ‘FINISH‘ and sprinted the last 100m! Whoooooooosh!!!! And it was officially OVER!!!!!!

Everyone i passed congratualated me, i felt really good! they cut off my tag and put the medal over my neck. Still could not believe what i had just done! Never ever thought i would ever be an owner of a marathon medal!

My legs felt like jelly, i wanted to sit but i knew it would be difficult to get back up, i done some light stretching on the way to the ‘meet and greet’ and finally arrived back at the hotel, sat in a cold bath and then we opened a bottle of champagne in our room to celebrate, finished that and went to bed!

Crazy amounts of support from friends on facebook!

I arrived back in Bristol on Monday afternoon with a deep tissue massage session waiting at The Treatment Rooms located on Park Row. The woman was very good and knew exactly what she was doing to help me recover from the run. I still got a full body massage (£41.00) but she focused on the key points that were the most painful. thighs, lower back and shoulders. I fully recovered (walking with no pain) on Wednesday!

I raised just under £1400 for VICTA (Visually Impaired Children Taking Action) you can view my page here:

Amazing experience and would like to thank John for helping me overcome the issues i had with my knee and ankle and working with me to get me to the race without any niggles so THANK YOU!!!

London marathon 2013

After experiencing what I thought was a sprained ankle I went to see John for a physio session, he worked out that my problem was from my back.
After just the first session my ankle already felt better. And he also suggested I change my work shoes, which definitely made a huge difference.

Thanks to John and his knowledge I am now more confident in completing the marathon. I will look forward to seeing him again after my run!

AAA-Physio Meets 3x Olympian – Oli Beckinsale @ RACE Blokes (Big!) Breakfast Event – Bristol

AAA-Physio John Stephenson meets Olympic-Potential-2011-Oli-Beckinsale
Olympian Mountain Biker Oli Beckinsale with AAA-Physio Director John Stephenson MMACP MSc. MCSP. Blokes Breakfast Bristol 10th Dec.2011

Dougie from R.A.C.E. Organised the first “Meet an Olympian – Blokes Breakfast Event” in Bristol – This event ran as smooth as Triathlete Dougie’s swim stoke!! See him in action at the Lido Bristol

The Q&A Session with Oli Beckinsale was a real insight in what its like, to sustain this level of performance,  over what will be Oli’s 4th Olympics…..

Oli fractured the neck of his femur in a bike crash three months ago, and is working hard with his Sports Medicine Team to return to Olympic qualifying form for his 4th Olympics.

Oli recently bagged a Silver Medal at the Common Wealth games and fractures permitting!! Ranks in the top 12 in the World Rankings.

The next R.A.C.E. Event in the Olympic build up will be held in January 2012
for more information contact  Douglas Burnett United Reform Church Bristol BS8

Physio Help! – One leg longer than the other? Wk.1

Hi John,

Physio John Stephenson Consults about a knee problem
ESP-Physio John Stephenson Consults about Calf and Knee Problem

Over the past 4 weeks I have been having trouble problems with my right calf. I went to the Lake district and did lots of hill running which started it off I think then got back to normal training, while on the track, it completely tightened up and have hardly ran since. It has improved a great deal but what is actually bothering me is that I feel my right leg is longer than left. When going into Moti over the weekend this was picked up, when I run my right leg seems to stay straight while left is in normally running motion. I think my right hip flexor is tight also which probabaly doesn’t help.

Sorry abit complex but they thought maybe you could help?

Best wishes,

I wish I’s said that. No.001 “Anything is possible….

“Anything is possible – Its just a case of arranging it, and paying for it!” Bob Jelfs – Minorca Sailing 1981

I think this is an original Bob Jelfs the co-owner of Minorca Sailing Holidays

I use this saying today, with my runners and athletes, when negotiating their treatment choices..

  • How high or fast, do you want to go?
  • Do you have the time and resources to train?
  • Can you afford ££’s, the optimised route back to performance or function. Or can you afford the time and waiting uncertainty of the NHS treatment route?
  • If you have Health Insurance (Bupa/AXA-PPP etc..)- How will they regard funding this round/episode of treatments – Lets hope they don’t try and call it a Chronic recurrent condition which they will not continue to fund. They claim to be there for acute, treatable curable conditions


Pupils, teachers, family and friends of St. John’s School, Clifton – Walked and ran to buy mosquito nets for their partner school in Uganda on 21st May, 2011.
The Fingerprints Charity headed up by the energetic Mrs Hills raises money for the children of Kybirwa Primary School in Uganda.

Poster of fingerprint Charity Kids in Uganda
Kids in Uganda will benefit from the fingerprints in Uganda charity.

“For every £5 raised it would buy 1 mosquito net which was big enough for a whole family! I raised £120 which therefore bought 24 mosquito nets!”