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Learn to Run with AAA – “A more effective and quieter run, with much less energy wastage”.

With a few duathlons and road runs under my belt, I am inspired to step up the training and start planning 2012 competions.

However, after doing  a period of faster runs, I found I was having calf and back pain. Quite frustrating when you really want to do something and your creaky old body is letting you down.

I hadn’t previously given much thought to my running technique, but after seeking some physio treatment from John, I was shown that my weakness in core strength and incorrect arm swinging was causing my pelvis to rotate, my hip to drop, putting a considerable stress on my back.

Diagram showing hip drop
Hip drop - a very common and fixable running problem!

I found John’s running workshop a fantastic learning curve. The exercises were so effective and the results were seen and felt straight away.  A more effective and quieter run, with much less energy wastage. The techniques may  take some practicing before they become as natural to me as my old bad habits  were, but I’m on the case!

John is extremely knowledgeable and makes thing easy to understand , with clear explanations on how and why things work/ don’t work.

I would definitely recommend “Learning to Run with AAA”.(From

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AAA-Learn to Run – Running on Asphalt – Good/Bad?

Men’s Health December 2011
Has an article based on Research from Indian Sports Scientists.

  • The Shock News would appear that Running on Asphalt causes LESS DAMAGE to body cells!


  • AAA-Running has a different explanation – You can’t always believe everything you read!!

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The AAA-Running take on this is:
Running Off-Road probably encourages mid and fore-foot running, placing higher demands on the calf muscle. This eccentric loading is ALWAYS associated with DOMS which will raise the blood markers used in this research.

  • Overall joint and spinal damage, will however be LESS, as the calf is absorbing most off the shock.
  • From an evolutionary point of view, this is where the bare-foot runner stores “landing energy”, and then usefully returns it to propel himself forward.
  • For more insights into injury free running, join a FREE introductory session available up to 27th Dec.

Learn to Run with AAA-Physio – Feedback

Really enjoying the Learn to Run approach:
Learning to run from scratch!
I feel that I have now been introduced into a world of education and improved physical health and know that each session will bring me something new and will make my running more efficient and enjoyable.

– I now feel more energised!
(Thanks! That’s what we do at AAA! – Ed. PhysioJohn)


1. Learn to Run @AAA-Physio::Running – Free Trial Sessions

– Run Smoother
– Run Faster
– Run with Reduced Injury Risk!
That our mission at AAA-Physio::Running

Learn to Run with AAA-Physio
Learn to Run with AAA-Physio
Learn to Run @ AAA-Physio::Running – FREE* Until 31st Jan 2012

15 years behind a treadmill, as a Sports Physio, and working to get Runners back “Track” – I’ve finally resolved to try and provide a RESOURCE that in theory could keep runners out of Physiotherapy Clinics!!

Free Outdoor Runners Workshops
We will be trialling the “Learn to Run with AAA-Physio” workshops in a new format during November and December. During this time participation will be FREE – All you need to do to get this DEAL is to provide feedback on the to tell us what you think!

Look out for Sessions near you!
Group Workshops
– Meeting Inside and then moving to a local park
– 60-90 mins. of run drills and technique advice
– Safe kit storage
– Refuel food and drink
– All abilities welcome
– Book on-line – Save £2
– Group size 6-8
– Qualified and Insured Instructors

Monday to Friday 10:30 and 18:30
Sunday 10:30

GOOGLE: AAA Physio Run

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