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Sorting head position for Golf Combined effort

Photo of a stream
I usually end up in here - once a week

Started with a Golf Specific Personal Training Session with Andy Wadsworth from MyLife PT in Clifton BS8 3BQ – This lasted 60minutes.

  • The first thing John Stephenson from AAA-Physio asked was:
  • What are the 3 main findings from your assessment with Andy?
  • 1. I said…………Independently rotating my trunk on my pelvis
  • 2. ?
  • 3. ?


This scored really well upto 9/10 on both legs. See the Video below.

Then we added the rotation back in. Using a cable pull to the side with minimal weight. To get the rounded action of the golf swing John got me to hug a round stability cushion.

While I was doing this exercise I was concentartiong and thinking this………….
I found out this…….
I struggled with….
We used a scoring system for shoulder position and smoothness of the swing. Imagined hitting with a 7 iron. we had an imaginary ball marked on the floor – I scored this

Physio Investigations – Capsular tightness and cervicogenic pain.
upper limb tight – Neck adjustments more movement

Target for “The Easter Tournament??” H/Cap of 12?

Running to Fitness: Week 4

Photo John Stephenson Portrait
Physio John is "lovin!" the progress you are making. Sub 50 is within your grasp for 2011

I have to say how much I’m enjoying my running these days.  A part of this is I now feel I run competitively.  I’ve been running in a series of 10k races along the towpath underneath the Clifton Suspension Bridge.  In the first race I started off with a particular target in mind, somewhere near 50 minutes, and ran at a pace just over 5 minutes per kilometer.  However, I couldn’t keep this up.  As my pace slowed to nearer to 6 minutes per kilometer, I’d be overtaken by my competitors, eventually finishing with a time of 55:53.

John has impressed on me the theory of recycling running – keeping the Kinetic energy in the running cycle – preventing “waste” such as noise or excess hip and body rotation. See Noisy Running Style. I try and move my feet in a consistent and fluid motion, use my abs to keep my torso stable and my arms pumping in parallel.

Now, with this new efficient running style, I’ve not been tiring.  In this week’s race along the towpath my time, at the halfway point, was 26 minutes and 20 something seconds.  This was an identical 5k split to the previous 10k race I’d done on the towpath.  This time I had much more energy and finished strongly.  I recorded a new PB 51:35 (in spite of the conditions which were wet and lots of puddles – some quite long and deep).  I had so much energy left at the end.  I was even chasing down and passing people along the way!

On the treadmill in the Moti shop, John video’d me running again.  The sound I was making was audibly different to my first treadmill feature when I’d sounded elephantesque.  The picture evidence showed a difference in the height the base of my shirt rose on each stride.
(Pics. and Video available soon to slot in here – PT Ed.)

We also noticed on the treadmill video that, as I adjusted the speed controls on the machine, my right foot came forward and planted on the belt.  When I lifted my head up (and tucked my chin in) this didn’t happen and my running motion was a lot smoother.  (Side view Pics of this coming too! – PT Ed.)

Since seeing this right foot behavior I’ve made a concerted effort to run as tall as possible and look to the horizon rather than the floor.  I quite often train off-road, so this has been something to get used to, but I find that my peripheral vision is good enough to spot obstacles in front of me without nodding my head to look at the ground.

Photo John Stephenson Portrait
Physio John is "loving!" the progress you are making. Sub 50 is within your grasp for 2011