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10km in 50 mins #1 – Training with Physio

My name is Andrew and I am 38 year old Computer studies student. Every week for the last 6 years I’ve been playing 5-a-side. During the last 18 months a pain developed in my right knee. It would be sore and painful for a two or three days after a playing a match. To try and minimise the pain I had taken to wearing a knee brace whilst playing and also the day after the match. Because I’d usually recovered in time for the next match I neglected to seek treatment for this injury.

Earlier this year I decided to sign up for the Bristol 10k but knew I would struggle to train for it every week whilst still playing football because of this injury. I asked my friends if anyone knew any good physiotherapists and a friend recommended John as as she had had successful treatment with him.

I attended a session at the Moti running store on Whiteladies road. A series of tests undertaken during this session identified a weakness in my right leg. It was less able to resist force than my left leg. The left leg was also more flexible and had a greater range of movement.

I was then filmed running on a treadmill. The footage from this revealed that I was landing heavily on my heels and that my right leg crossed over slightly to the left as I ran.

A program was devised to eliminate my knee pain by treating these problems. As I spend a lot of time sat at a computer recommendations were made to improve my posture whilst sitting. I was also given a couple of back exercises to regularly perform. To improve my running gait and balance. I was told to run landing on my toes first, with my back straighter and to try and minimise the amount my head was bobbing up and down.

With the new running style I have been able to run long distances without feeling any knee pain. After the first few practise runs for the Bristol 10k my calves felt very sore. An indication that they were doing more of the work. The knee also feels stronger every time I play football. The pain I felt afterwards was reduced and my recovery time improved to full recovery within 24 hours. I no longer wear a knee brace and am hopeful that eventually it will completely subside.

Reviewing the progress we’ve made on the treadmill. The footage now shows that my weight is better distributed as I land, head is stiller as I run and my right leg doesn’t stray over to the left any more.