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wk 1. The Trail to 10km PB – Meeting AAA Physio

Right leg cross-over problems
Right leg cross-over problems

Right Knee Patella Tracking Problems
“Learn to Run” with AAA-Physio tomorrow

I first met John on 19th Dec at his clinic in Moti, I went to see him because I have pain in my right knee which causing me pain during running.  John got me doing various stability exercises then various movements to test my flexibility and strength in both legs.  This assessment showed that my left leg was very flexible, whilst my right leg was tight in the hip, IT band and also lower back and weak in the glutes.  John suspected that this was causing the pain in my right knee.  John then videoed me running on the treadmill, which was fascinating to watch and illustrates exactly what he was saying in his assessment….you can see the video in this post.

The video (to a trained eye) shows my left leg is working at full capacity whilst my right leg is not because my right hip tilts forward making my right leg come across my body and this is making me loose power when striking the ground and taking off.  John said that the pain in my knee is not permanent…John’s plan is the strengthen my right leg, glutes, IT band and hip flexors through physio and showing my how the run more effectively..I will use his running workshop and physio to do this….I feel that with his treatment, advice and strengthening exercises I can move towards my goals…sub 20mins 5K and sub 40mins 10k.

AAA-Learn to Run – Running on Asphalt – Good/Bad?

Men’s Health December 2011
Has an article based on Research from Indian Sports Scientists.

  • The Shock News would appear that Running on Asphalt causes LESS DAMAGE to body cells!


  • AAA-Running has a different explanation – You can’t always believe everything you read!!

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The AAA-Running take on this is:
Running Off-Road probably encourages mid and fore-foot running, placing higher demands on the calf muscle. This eccentric loading is ALWAYS associated with DOMS which will raise the blood markers used in this research.

  • Overall joint and spinal damage, will however be LESS, as the calf is absorbing most off the shock.
  • From an evolutionary point of view, this is where the bare-foot runner stores “landing energy”, and then usefully returns it to propel himself forward.
  • For more insights into injury free running, join a FREE introductory session available up to 27th Dec.

Neural flossing for Heel Pain with Sports Physio John Stephenson

Plantar fasciitis – right-wing vegetable, or heel condition that’s preventing me from running?

The latter, definitely the latter.

But Physio John is on the case and I’ve had my first two sessions of physio to get me up and running again. At the first introductory session I was introduced to exercises which John referred to as ‘neural flossing’ – lying on my back with left knee (the side affected) bent, raised and held across my body and then extended with three different foot positions to ’floss’ the neural connections between foot, calves, thighs and back. These connections are clearly not working as they should as John demonstrated to me with tests that showed my left leg and foot lacking the strength of the right.

How to do Lower Limb Neural Flossing - Click for Video
How to do Lower Limb Neural Flossing - Click for Video

He also suggested my sitting position at work – usually a little hunched – wasn’t helping, and so I’ve been working on that, clearing the clutter on my desk that gets in the way of a more healthy posture and trying to get rid of the mental clutter that doesn’t help either…

I had my second session on Friday, reporting that in spite of flossing neutrally for the last week that things hadn’t really improved, or perhaps only marginally. John said not to worry, that these things take time… We also looked in more detail at my sitting posture and even as I write his words are ringing in my ears and my lower back gently pushed forward and my shoulders square.

I had my second session on Friday. This time I took away with me an exercise that had me slowly arching my back while lying flat, working along the spine like wallpaper being plastered, as well as a much better sense that the problem in my left heel is a problem not just of the foot but of my whole body. This holistic, interconnected approach makes sense to me, but like a lot of people I need reminding of it from time to time. And so I’ve already been looking into yoga classes and thinking of other ways I can improve my general health and wellbeing…

The best news though was that twenty-four hours later and after a day full of walking in shoes probably not ideal for a heel condition, I’ve noticed a definite improvement. It’s redoubled my determination to do my homework and improve my posture.

It’s not running, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction…

Seeing Physio about my knee – No1.

After my 4th half marathon in September, I started getting lateral pain in my left knee. A few weeks of cutting down the miles went some way to stopping the pain but with the London Marathon looming over my head I figured it was about time I saw someone.

I popped into Moti on Whiteladies in Bristol and had a 15 minute consultation with John. Within minutes he could tell I had been suffering from back pain recently and did a number of tests to get a good impression of what was wrong.

I’ll soon be going back to see John to get an idea of the steps I need to take to improve my posture and hopefully eradicate the knee pain… I think it’s going to be a lot to do with my posture!

1. Learn to Run @AAA-Physio::Running – Free Trial Sessions

– Run Smoother
– Run Faster
– Run with Reduced Injury Risk!
That our mission at AAA-Physio::Running

Learn to Run with AAA-Physio
Learn to Run with AAA-Physio
Learn to Run @ AAA-Physio::Running – FREE* Until 31st Jan 2012

15 years behind a treadmill, as a Sports Physio, and working to get Runners back “Track” – I’ve finally resolved to try and provide a RESOURCE that in theory could keep runners out of Physiotherapy Clinics!!

Free Outdoor Runners Workshops
We will be trialling the “Learn to Run with AAA-Physio” workshops in a new format during November and December. During this time participation will be FREE – All you need to do to get this DEAL is to provide feedback on the to tell us what you think!

Look out for Sessions near you!
Group Workshops
– Meeting Inside and then moving to a local park
– 60-90 mins. of run drills and technique advice
– Safe kit storage
– Refuel food and drink
– All abilities welcome
– Book on-line – Save £2
– Group size 6-8
– Qualified and Insured Instructors

Monday to Friday 10:30 and 18:30
Sunday 10:30

GOOGLE: AAA Physio Run

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