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Rehab the body – not the injury!

Picture showing - London Marathon Finishers Medal 2013
London Marathon Finishers Medal 2013

Speaking at the recent Physiotherapists in Sports conference, former Olympic USA coach Vern Gambetta called on delegates to consider the whole body and the brain when treating patients. ‘If it hurts, we look for where it hurts, and we rehab the hell out of that, and leave the rest of it,’ he said.

‘You can see a lot by watching’ – Gambetta said, ‘We miss what we don’t see. Sometimes it’s as simple as watching someone from all sides.’

This approach resonates and underpins everything we do in the AAA-Physio clinic at Moti – Which is why we get great results!
So if your are stuck in a loop of; injury – rest – re-injury and can’t see a way out. Book some expert help from the Therapy Team at Moti

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Athletics and Triathlon – Physio #1

Having visited John with a right knee problem prior to the Portishead Traithlon, I have with his help managed to complete 3 events without any further issue. John worked on my running technique and my back to great effect.I picked up a pain in my left knee a few weeks back following a hard track interval session, having rested for a week I then aggravated it again this Tue and decided to visited John on Thursday. Later Thursday I was able to run 10k without any knee pain, which I could not believe and have had no issue with today.

J. Reed

Learn to Run with AAA-Physio – Feedback

Really enjoying the Learn to Run approach:
Learning to run from scratch!
I feel that I have now been introduced into a world of education and improved physical health and know that each session will bring me something new and will make my running more efficient and enjoyable.

– I now feel more energised!
(Thanks! That’s what we do at AAA! – Ed. PhysioJohn)


Customer Feedback Survey – 2011 Nov. Verbatim comments from Satisfaction Survey

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Showing the LAST 40 responses to:

Q10. Please Comment here on how we Compare or could Improve our Service to You!

Everything seems to be fine – ease of booking, getting an appointment.
15/11/2011 19:39
No comments.
15/11/2011 9:48
Keen to hear about running lessons
14/11/2011 6:43
None! As I feel all the service and advice given was great!
17/9/2011 15:28
Fabulous effective physio – Thanks KL
2/9/2011 17:10
John was great for treatment, coaching and advice. I would have really struggled to run 26.2 miles without his help. Thanks!
18/8/2011 15:26
Can’t think of anything.
17/8/2011 10:08
Outstanding – I have used many therapists both here and in London. It’s been a great “find” to get a depth of knowledge and shared concern for a really optimal outcome right near my work in Bristol. I will certainly be recommending but maybe not quite yet to my race colleagues!
13/8/2011 3:49
Much more thorough explanation of both problems and treatment given than I have ever experienced before.
12/8/2011 16:46
Very happy just keep up the good service level – Sometimes have problems with appointments running to time.
11/8/2011 23:08
Tell patients to continue their exercises!
11/8/2011 13:31
11/8/2011 10:37
Good overall treatment and feedback, it’s really useful having appointment times outside of working hours
11/8/2011 10:07
Don’t give my running buddy too many improvement tips!
9/8/2011 14:38
John gave a really great understanding of the triggers for my issue and helped put things right in a short space of time. Thank you.
26/6/2011 11:37
I was happy with the service provided.
4/5/2011 9:19
3/5/2011 11:31
Good service but not the cheapest out there
28/4/2011 13:21
I was really pleased with my treatment and care. No improvements needed. I will definitely go back if I need to.
27/4/2011 17:26
Service is fine, booking appointments is easy.
27/4/2011 13:00
John is the best physio I have ever seen
27/4/2011 12:53
It was very good to get an appointment when I needed it. This can often be difficult.
26/4/2011 13:56
Brilliant service! Thank you. I was worried about my knee after falling off my bike and got good advice and diagnosis.
26/4/2011 13:54
Excellent – many thanks – haven’t had any problems since
26/4/2011 13:52
The service is good and I don’t have any suggestions for improvement.
13/4/2011 15:26
Nothing! – Service provided was good
31/3/2011 10:18
Very good service thanks John
30/3/2011 15:16
more to do on one’s own , written programme of follow up exercises
30/3/2011 10:12
Really happy with the treatment. i struggled to get time off work otherwise i would have had a few more follow up appointments.
29/3/2011 22:27
Unknown condition but John still took time to write a letter to my doctor recommending I get referred to a hospital. Thank you!
29/3/2011 21:13
Gave me a brand new neck/back?!?
29/3/2011 18:04
It was very good I am attending aqua fit and over 50 circuit training classes, when I get the chance and slowly improving. Many thanks.
29/3/2011 14:55
maybe a longer second consultation session – 45 mins not 30 mins.
25/3/2011 13:12
No comment
23/3/2011 9:16
22/3/2011 21:37
Unfortunately I can no-longer attend as I have moved to Manchester.
22/3/2011 11:22
13/1/2011 14:19
13/1/2011 13:26
An exceptional experience with outstanding results! Lizzie has regained almost all movement in her arm and shoulder without pain. – She would benefit from a follow-up appointment as suggested, but as her problem was worsened due to the length of time it had gone untreated – it was inevitable that she would experience some pain in undoing the problems that had developed as a result.
At the moment Lizzie can’t be persuaded to come back for a follow-up appointment as she is wary of any more pain even though it was explained to her that the worst is over! She is only 13 so is not able to see the ‘no pain no gain’ situation she was in and she feels back to normal so it’s off her radar, as it were!
Nonetheless there can be no doubt that John’s skill has enabled Lizzie to return to the very active life she led before the injury and diverted the situation from becoming intractable. Many, many thanks!
12/1/2011 22:10

1. Learn to Run @AAA-Physio::Running – Free Trial Sessions

– Run Smoother
– Run Faster
– Run with Reduced Injury Risk!
That our mission at AAA-Physio::Running

Learn to Run with AAA-Physio
Learn to Run with AAA-Physio
Learn to Run @ AAA-Physio::Running – FREE* Until 31st Jan 2012

15 years behind a treadmill, as a Sports Physio, and working to get Runners back “Track” – I’ve finally resolved to try and provide a RESOURCE that in theory could keep runners out of Physiotherapy Clinics!!

Free Outdoor Runners Workshops
We will be trialling the “Learn to Run with AAA-Physio” workshops in a new format during November and December. During this time participation will be FREE – All you need to do to get this DEAL is to provide feedback on the to tell us what you think!

Look out for Sessions near you!
Group Workshops
– Meeting Inside and then moving to a local park
– 60-90 mins. of run drills and technique advice
– Safe kit storage
– Refuel food and drink
– All abilities welcome
– Book on-line – Save £2
– Group size 6-8
– Qualified and Insured Instructors

Monday to Friday 10:30 and 18:30
Sunday 10:30

GOOGLE: AAA Physio Run

Want a Running Workshop Group Near You?
Or want to get on our mailing list….
Drop and e-mail with your Park location/Post Code to:

Kind regards
John Stephenson