My Physiotherapy exercises

Warning! Do not try any of these exercises without the supervision of a fully Qualified Physiotherapist.

To the Therapist: This is the menu page for My Exercises. You will find links here for all the exercise programmes currently available from Follow the links to the required exercise pack and print off the page. Fill in the patients name and DOB. Indicate frequency for each exercise. Hand the exercise summary sheet to the client and recommend that they take the plan back to their own computer: Here they can down-load and print off the full version of the exercises. The cost of the full down-load is £1.95 - payable on-line with a credit card.

Please note! If you plan to use these exercises, it is our expectation that this will be under the direction of a suitably qualified and registered therapist. If in doubt please seek medical advice.


pilates exercise illustration Fingerobics - Making the OK sign Neural flossing in sitting, lower limb. Sit to stand knee exercise
Setting the scapular to relieve strain on the neck Office ergonomics - correct posture at a desk. running exercise illustration Walk this Way - exercise illustration



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To the Therapist: These exercises are based on current best practice and reasearch. They have been produced in response to what we need in our clinics in Bristol - We hope you find what you need - Please let us know if you need different or additional combinations! We will aim to get them on-line within 14 days of hearing from you.