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Our objective is to provide a convenient and risk-free treatment option for patients suffering conditions such as back pain or sports injuries. The site shows patients the benefits of physiotherapy treatment and the importance of seeking help as soon as possible rather than putting-up with unnecessary pain.

We operate a 24 hour helpline through our partner Physiotherapy Appointment Line to gather patient information and immediately refer patients to conveniently located physiotherapists.

The service for patients is:

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Joining My Physio Network

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Physiotherapists are asked to pay a one-time introduction fee, but only for patients who make and attend their initial appointment. There is no sign-up fee so physiotherapists pay nothing unless they receive an active patient lead. Referrals during business hours are 'live' as patients are patched through to your clinic receptionist directly. After-hours referrals are provided by email (and we require that your receptionist contacts the patient by 10 a.m. next business day).

Patient referrals from our site are highly qualified as we send you patients wanting to make an appointment immediately (we put live calls directly through to you after qualifying the patient and gathering basic information through our help line). You only pay for patients who make and attend their appointment so your advertising spending with us is totally results-orientated. If we don't deliver patients you don't pay; and if we do deliver patients, the new patient revenues put you into profit straight away.

Unlike traditional advertising approaches - with our introductions you know the investment is paying-back. Whether you are looking to improve your utilisation of treatment-rooms or staff by filling gaps in your appointment book or building volume to expand your practice, the Physiotherapy Appointment Line makes perfect sense.