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August 2007

Fingerobics hits the headlines.

[2nd August 2007]

Reported in The Sun Newspaper - John Stephenson is quoted as saying Fingerobics can help keep fidgety fingers busy. In a survey of over 1000 individuals trying to quit, 70% reported problems with nicotine withdrawl, while a further 50% sited keeping their empty finger busy, was the greatest challenge. John Stephenson working with Grosvenor Casinos has come up with a pack of playing cards featuring eight Fingerobic exercises. This easy to follow, and fun guide is available to down-load.

November 2006

New services with 10th anniversary

[21th November 2006]

Now in its 10th year on the web, is expanding the range of services it offers to physiotherapists and their clients. Seeking to support this relationship better than ever, we have launched on-line shops for Physiotherapy Books and Physiotherapy Equipment. Physiotherapy Exercises for patients has also been expanded, to offer more free exercise sheets that can be used and down loaded at home or in the clinic.

My Physio Network Launches

[20th November 2006]

For those patients who cannot see John in Bristol, he has established a network of highly qualified physiotherapists throughout the UK. Call 0845 130 6955 or book online to discuss your injury and other needs and we will put you through to your local clinic which has great physio results.